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We will find you the partner you want and who really suits you – individually and hand-picked!
We are committed to always protecting you and your data in the best possible way.

Our promise

With us you will only get to know seriously searching, cultured people who we have gotten to know personally. This means absolute security for you! No anonymous internet dating. We provide personal, genuine and hand-picked advice! Many happy couples who have found each other thanks to our help speak for themselves. Don't wait any longer for chance and continue to lose valuable time. Take your luck into your own hands and get in touch! We are committed to always protecting you and your data in the best possible way. To achieve this, we have been going far beyond the legal requirements for many years.


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As a VIP dating agency PV-Exklusiv known in the market for not leaving the customer's side. Even if the placement process takes longer than the usual three to four months, you will be supported PV-Exklusiv the customers to a successful partnership. Of course the speed depends
Our support is based on your personal needs and wishes – on the one hand in relation to the desired partner and on the other hand in relation to the support. Since we feel committed to the highest standards and demands of our high-profile clientele, we make exactly this effort.
PV-Exklusiv is your established partner for serious dating at the highest level. Contact us now and experience our exclusive VIP services in the dating agency for yourself. Contact us immediately - you will enjoy our services
We only find out what a person really wants through personal conversation. And only then can we begin our targeted search to find a partner on an equal level and with a high standard. PV-Exklusiv is your partner for private happiness.
Our focus is on entrepreneurs, freelancers, managers and other people with standards and demands. A sophisticated single will find the partner he or she is really looking for with us because we are one of the leading dating agencies for upscale clients. We maintain with all of our…

We rely exclusively on a continuous presence in top print media such as academic journals. This is how we reach our sophisticated clientele. We are not aware of any other VIP dating agency with a similar reach. PV-Exklusiv As a VIP dating agency, we aim to offer class instead of quantity. Just a dating agency that...

Our approach

How does your personal path to happiness work and what do the individual steps look like?

1. Telephone contact

Please call us. In this initial telephone call, we will clarify your questions and can arrange a discreet home visit, which will be carried out by one of our sales representatives.

2. Home visit, consultation,
possibly contract

We maintain personal contacts with all of our clients. One of our employees will come to your home for a consultation. If you are convinced by our exclusive placement model, you have the option of signing an individual support contract PV-Exklusiv close.

3. Mediation

Our top clients don't have to worry about names, pictures, etc. appearing freely accessible on a portal. We do not support “virtual” acquaintances, but rather subject ourselves to full confidentiality and work exclusively on an individual basis.

Serious initial advice

At the end of the personal conversation, you decide whether you would like to enter into a service agreement for a fee with your VIP dating agency PV-Exklusiv want to complete.



Would you like to always be up to date when it comes to exclusive partner searches and first-class dating agencies? Wondering how you can increase the chances of finding your perfect life partner? You don't want to miss any more tips, events or special offers?

Frequently asked questions

That doesn't work! We maintain personal contact with all of our clients and have long, intensive conversations with each one.

That's what the consultants are for PV-Exklusiv permanently on the move throughout Germany and the other German-speaking countries and meet all customers in their personal environment. During intensive, confidential discussions in a pleasant atmosphere, the experienced and discreet advisors find out everything they need to know about dating.

This is the only way we can prevent the misuse of the ads. We see it as our outstanding quality feature to only introduce our customers to people who have a high compatibility factor due to their ideas and similar interests. We recognize this based on our many years of experience and individual support situation.

We guarantee our singles that they will only receive serious offers. This is only possible by... PV-Exklusiv-Consultants travel long distances and visit every client and interested party in their own four walls for really in-depth discussions. Because your wishes are our motivation. Of course, this has its price and every “searcher” pays his or her own fee. This also means more security for you: you can be sure that your confidential data will not fall into the wrong hands and that we will only introduce you to people who are really a good fit for you. We don't have fake profiles or people who just want to test their market value.

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