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Our offer: A non-binding consultation.

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PV-Exklusiv focuses on discretion and personal advice. Accordingly, it has ever been part of our philosophy to avoid digital relationships but to build on the direct contact from people to people. That means that we do not use any open platforms, on which everyone can enter personal data. By doing so we protect our clients’ information and exclude that everyone can get in touch.

Call us or send us your short profile, so we can appoint a consultation to clear up your questions. In matters of great urgency: We are answering the most common questions below.

After a phone call you can agree to a personal consultation. It is most important to us that you understand our philosophy and the way we work. Afterwards you decide if you want to cooperate with us searching for your new cohabitation partner.

We rank among the largest and leading dating agencies in the market with a broad and exclusive client base at all ages.

Do not make the mistake to mandate a small agency. You can recognise them by the small amount of print advertisements, which is a sign for small client base. A company’s size is a basic principle in the exclusive dating business, and a large amount of high-quality print advertisements stands for a professional business model. The chance to find a new and adequate partner with PV-Exklusiv is very high – we promise to work until we have succeeded in bringing two people together!

You will get to know exclusively reputable and classy singles who are meeting your demands. Frauds and marriage impostors do not have any chance, because we know all of our clients and interested parties specifically.

  • seasoned entrepreneurs
  • VIPs from economy and science
  • Prominent sportsmen and artists
  • Experts from medicine and research
  • Managers and CEOs
  • Politicians and diplomats
  • Member of the nobility
  • Classy academics
  • Basically: people with niveau and highest demands
Most of our clients live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Mallorca.
No, because all clients get our full service.
Singles are not goods. You do not buy a man or a woman in our VIP partner mediation, but every client pays for our professional services and advice. According to that, we do not receive any success fees, but we charge a fixed professional fee up front.
That is not possible. We cultivate contacts with all of our clients and undertake long, intensive conversations.

The PV-Exklusiv consultants are constantly on the road in Germany and other German-speaking countries to meet the clients at their homes. In long, confidential conversations we experience everything we need to know for the best matchmaking possible.

By doing so, we avoid any abuse of our partner advertisements. We take it as our most reputable quality attribute to introduce our clients only to these people who have a strong compatibility according to their interests and living conditions.

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