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Our fee

A professional service costs money.
That rule applies to legal, tax and wealth consultants as well as for a dating agency.

Our fee

A professional service costs money. That rule applies to legal, tax and wealth consultants as well as for a dating agency.

Exclusive services cannot be free of charge or particularly favorable, neither with VIP dating agency PV-Exklusiv. But we find it important that our fees are fair and transparent to enable as much people as possible to use our services.

As it is common in dating agency business, both sides pay a fee. Only that guarantees sincerity and protects our clients from frauds and marriage impostors.

Individual agreements

To offer every client the best personal service, we do not operate with a standard fee. In contrast, we agree on an individual fee depending on complexity, demands and effort. According on the degree of work the fee lies within the frame of several 1000 Euro.

Thus, our clients know exactly what they have to pay for the VIP service of PV-Exklusiv. That guarantees financial security. PV-Exklusiv will, as a professional dating agency, never work with reserve liabilities or additional payments, but always stick to the agreed fee. We work until matchmaking, be it twelve, 18 or more month.

Presence in top-tier media

By paying the onetime fee you have fulfilled all of your financial obligations towards PV-Exklusiv. With that fee we pay your search advertisements in high-end media. We are continually present in top-tier media such as academic journals to communicate with our demanding clients. We do not know of any other dating agency with a comparable outreach. Only a dating agency with advertising power can fulfil their clients’ demands.

We advertise exclusively in print media such as Deutsches Ärzteblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Zahnmedizinische Mitteilungen, Die Zeit and other media for classy and demanding people.

For these singles ist the core clientele of PV-Exklusiv. Medical practitioners, professors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers, tax advisers, architects and many other personalities in leading positions are the typical clients of PV-Exklusiv. So, we use the media these regularly people read.

Online dating platforms are not well received

Additionally, these personalities do not want to present themselves publicly – on the one hand due to their professional standing, on the other hand because they want to get only sincere offers from people who are interested in the single, not in his social and/or economic position. They only very seldom use online dating platforms, because the miss the much-needed discretion – everyone can contact them.

Costs without a dating agency

If you want to go out on a partner search on your own, you have to calculate with the following costs. A high-quality print advertisement costs several 100 Euro, and you will need many of them. A rule of thumb says: one ad per year of life minus 20 which means that person at age 50 would need to insert 30 search advertisements to find a new partner. Accordingly, a campaign on your own account can cost between 7500 and 10000 Euro – plus the work to analyze and evaluate all contacts.

PV-Exklusiv takes over all of these activities and caters for serenity and success in the partner search. A dating agency fee is a significant investment in a hopeful and happy future!

Private luck is predictable alike success in business. PV-Exklusiv will be of help.

Contact us now and get advice!

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